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Sell the 2001 Affiliate Metrix Executive Summary. Cost of the report is $99 for hard copy, and $89 for a PDF. You will earn 25% commission on sales in the first tier - and also 25% commission for the second tier.

Fusion Quest
A very good affiliate program manager for 2 tiered affiliate programs. Extra good is that it provides the only affiliate links guaranteed to allow your affiliate network to count towards your search engine link popularity. FusionQuest will pay you a commission of $60 on the activation fee of all sales that you refer! The program is also two tier. Sponsor someone to become an affiliate and earn 50% of whatever they earn. If your sponsored affiliate sells an account, you will receive $30! So, sign up and get started today!

Pro Track Affiliate Software
Affiliate program software design company. They have the software for in house affiliate programs oreven afull blown "Commission Junction" type affiliate program. Nice payout on all sales at a whopping $200 for each sale! 2nd tier is nice too at $50 per sub-affiliate sale.

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